Decentralized ventilation offers a real alternative to central ventilation for a large number of properties. It is the preferred solution for existing buildings in particular. Decentralized ventilation solutions eliminate long distances for the supply air - each room can be individually ventilated independently of other rooms.

In decentralized ventilation, the WiVent-B ventilation unit is the key component of our WiVent decentralized ventilation system. It offers a fa├žade-integrated solution for installation in the parapet, both for refurbishment and for new builds, to sustainably heat and ventilate individual rooms with a high occupancy density as required.

The WiVent-B decentralized ventilation units are particularly suitable as ventilation units for schools, educational establishments, universities, conference centers and other buildings. They are characterized by very energy-efficient operation thanks to the displacement flow, low electrical power consumption and high heat recovery.