As the last link in the supply air chain of a ventilation system, air outlets have a decisive influence on the flow conditions in a room. Their geometric design and positioning in the room have a direct influence on the resulting flow pattern and the comfort of the people in the room.

A widespread form of air flow is the turbulent mixed air flow which, especially when implemented via the ceiling, still offers its advantages today. With a suitable air diffuser, this flow form ensures good air exchange while maintaining all comfort parameters that are influenced by a ventilation and air conditioning system.

Whether as a swirl diffuser with very high induction effect and high reduction of temperature differences, or as a linear diffuser with directed flow and high penetration depth: choosing a Wildeboer ceiling diffuser means efficient and reliable exchange of room air. In demand-based ventilation, elaborately designed blades come into their own, especially in cooling mode, and ensure maximum comfort. All plenum boxes for the various swirl and linear diffusers are precisely dimensioned in combination with the corresponding front panels and offer optimum interaction.

Proven slot diffusers and ventilation valves complete the portfolio and expand the application possibilities.