DX swirl diffuser
Air diffusers, plenum boxes & air valves

DX swirl diffuser

Technical details

  • suitable for supply and exhaust air
  • radially arranged, reversible air deflection blades
  • optimal adjustment for air guidance
  • Nominal sizes ∅: 325 mm until 825 mm
  • Hygiene certificate


Hygiene certificate

Product details

DX Swirl Diffuser with radially arranged air deflection blades. The innovative blades with progressively twisted profile facilitate high volume flow rates with low sound power level. The variety of options allows for optimum adjustment of air guidance on the widest diversity of applications. DX Swirl Diffusers are suitable for constant and variable supply air volume flow rates. The radial air distribution takes place via centrally slotted, square or circular front plates with air deflection blades which are reversible. DX Swirl Diffusers are made of powder coated, galvanized sheet steel, the black or white air deflection blades are made of plastic.

DX exhaust air diffuser is a diffuser without air deflection blades which is suitable for exhaust air only. The product favours larger free cross-sections and higher volume flow rates at the same sound power levels. The design, surfaces and dimensions are the same as for the supply air swirl diffuser.

  • Nominal sizes: 325 mm until 825 mm
  • Hole pattern:   325 mm until 800 mm
  • Air deflection blades:  8 until 64

Air diffusers for supply and exhaust air

Technical specifications

Not all of the variant values listed here can be combined with each other. Use our Wildeboer configurator to easily check the possible combinations.

Front plate form
  • Quadr., circular hole pattern
  • Quadr., quadr. hole pattern
  • Circular, circular hole pattern
Front plate size
  • 325 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 625 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 825 mm
Hole pattern size
  • 325 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 800 mm
Colour Blades
  • Without blades
  • With black blades
  • With white blades
Connection parts
  • Quadr. plenum box, 1 lat. connect. piece
  • Quadr. plenum box, 2 lat. connect. piece
  • Quadr. plenum box, 1 top connect. piece
  • Circular plenum box, 1 lat. connect. p.
  • Circular plenum box, 1 top connect. p.
Connecting piece dimensions
  • DN100
  • DN125
  • DN150
  • DN160
  • DN180
  • DN200
  • DN224
  • DN250
  • DN280
  • DN300
  • DN315
  • DN355
  • Without damper
  • With damper
Air deflector plate
  • Without air deflector plate
  • With air deflector plate
Colour Plenum box
  • Galvanized inside and outside
  • Galvanized inside, outside in colour RAL
  • Black inside & outside
Lip seal
  • Without lip seal
  • With lip seal
Air direction
  • Supply air (outflowing)
  • Exhaust air (inflowing)

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

User manual DX swirl diffuser (2016-01)
Hygiene certificate DX swirl diffuser (2022-11 / DE)
Quick selection swirl diffuser (2020-11 / DE)
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