VRpro volume flow controller
Volume flow controllers & volume flow limiter

VRpro volume flow controller

Technical details

  • For constant and variable volume flows
  • Installation in any position
  • Bus-capable controller
  • Option: Prepared for on-site insulation
  • Short duct length
  • Actuators with special function: high speed, spring return
  • Dynamic or static differential pressure sensor
  • Different arrangements of the control components for a wide variety of installation and insulation options


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Hygiene certificate

Product details

VRpro volume flow controllers are designed for constant and variable volume flows in ventilation systems. They can be installed and operated in any mounting position in ventilation ducts for supply and exhaust air. Casing and control mechanism are made of galvanised sheet steel. The damper blade for volume flow regulation is mounted centrally and fitted with a circumferential seal. The bearing axles are made of stainless steel and are guided in special bearing bushes. The measuring cross is made of aluminium. The control components consist of static or dynamic sensors, actuators with standard, high speed or spring return and of a controller. Sensor and controller are mounted on mounting consoles that can be manually folded or offset when space is limited. The VRpro volume flow controller is controlled and electrically connected either analogue or via MP-Bus®. All control components enable the operating modes "Constant", "Variable 0 - 10 V, 2 - 10 V, adjustable" and "3-step". Override controls, parallel operation and sequential circuits are possible. The volume flow controllers enable high accuracy with only about ± 5 % to ± 20 % deviation from the actual volume flow.


  • lip seals on both sides
  • prepared for on-site insulation
  • acoustic insulation with sheet metal jacket, factory-mounted
  • SRC duct silencer, lengths 600 mm and 900 mm

Technical specifications

Not all of the variant values listed here can be combined with each other. Use our Wildeboer configurator to easily check the possible combinations.

Nominal size
  • DN100
  • DN125
  • DN160
  • DN200
  • DN250
  • DN315
  • DN400
Differential pressure sensor
  • Dynamic, up to 500 Pa
  • Static, up to 600 Pa
Operating direction Spring return
  • Currentless open
  • Currentless closed
Lip seal
  • Without lip seal
  • With lip seal
Acoustic insulation
  • Without acoustic insulation
  • With acoustic insulation
  • Without acoustic insulation, for on site
Operating mode
  • Analogue reference signal 0 - 10 V
  • Constant, actual value signal 0 - 10 V
  • Constant, actual value signal 2 - 10 V
  • Analogue reference signal 2 - 10 V
  • Analogue reference signal

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

User manual VRup/VRpro volume flow controller (2019-07)
Hygiene certificate VRpro volume flow controller (2020-11 / DE)
Operating manual VRpro volume flow controller (2021-08 / DE)
Environmental product declaration (EPD) Pressure controller DRpro, Volume flow controllers VRup/VRpro (2024-01 / DE)