Centre for psychosocial medicine in Itzehoe

The building which covers an area of a good 6,000 square metres now accommodates 106 employees, 1,550 patients each year and approximately 1,000 components from Wildeboer – including the Wildeboer-Net communication system. The new building belongs to the local hospital which over time has been repeatedly partially renovated and upgraded.

The facts:

  • Hygiene regulations of a hospital
  • Approximately 1,000 Wildeboer components
  • 160 hygiene-certified fire dampers (FK90, FR90, FK90K)
  • 88 Wildeboer-Net components

The challenge:

  • Self-sufficient, functionally reliable system

Parties involved:

Planungsring Mumm + Partner GbR, Treia

ITP Itzehoer Technik-Planung GmbH

System engineer:    
Drews Klimatechnik GmbH, Hamburg

Diana Jasdz

A system – made for our fire dampers

The control solution which was used in the existing building units, and was implemented for the fire dampers using the reprogrammed fire detection system, lead to the incorrect identification of components and could only be adapted with great difficulty due to complicated programming. This lead to dissatisfaction with the misappropriated control solution using the fire detection system, and prompted the switch to Wildeboer. This is because the self-sufficient Wildeboer-Net communication system was developed explicitly for our constructionally maintenance-free fire dampers and was upgraded to include our volume flow controllers.

One-stop shop 

Working closely with Itzehoer Technik-Planung GmbH, alongside the 160 fire dampers types FK90, FR90 and FK90K another 88 components of the Wildeboer-Net communication system were also installed in the newly constructed building. With Wildeboer, planning reliability when drawing up the bill of quantities goes hand in hand with simple costing and installation of the planned components. In addition, the planning office and the system engineers entrusted with implementation of the project, Drews Klimatechnik, also put their faith in volume flow controllers, sound attenuators, swirl diffusers and volume flow limiters from Wildeboer when it came to the matter of air distribution, and thus received quality from a single source.

We deliver on our promises 

The decision to opt for a functional control system which was developed explicitly for controlling the designated fire dampers, was made primarily due to the benefits which the system promises for operation, and indeed, delivers in practice. These include the fact that control of the fire dampers is easy to comprehend and operation is simple. The clearly understandable setup, which results from the simple structure of the communication system, and the increased functional reliability of a self-sufficient subsystem for fire protection which is independent of the rest of the building control system, are further benefits. During the process of acceptance it was therefore noted that Wildeboer had more than delivered on all the promises made.