Fire protection & smoke extraction

Flat motor bracket - new standard for spring return actuators

Compact design and new flexible release element

There is less and less space available on site for the installation of fire dampers. With the new bracket, the distance between the standard M220-9/V and M24-9/V spring return actuators and the fire damper is reduced enormously. This enables us to fulfil the requirements of a compact design.

In the FK90 fire dampers of the FK92 and FK120 series, the spring return actuator is reorientated, suspended at an angle of 60°. This completely eliminates the frontal protrusion of the spring return actuator, which protruded beyond the fire damper. The lateral distance between the drive and the damper is reduced from 110 mm to 55 mm.

The new motor bracket is also used for the FR90 and FK90K fire dampers. Here, too, the distance between the damper and drive is significantly reduced.

The lateral distance has been reduced from 145 mm to 90 mm for the FK92K and also by 55 mm to 125 mm for the FR92.

The new, flexible release devices have a V 72°C release element with a white plug and a V 90°C release element with a red plug (100°C nominal temperature).