Fire protection components are an important factor in the construction or renovation of buildings. Fire dampers act as automatic shut-off devices in ventilation systems and thus prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different fire compartments through ventilation ducts.

Wildeboer fire dampers are maintenance-free in design thanks to the consistent encapsulation of the drive unit and release mechanism. This eliminates the need for function-preserving cleaning and maintenance in the form of lubrication or adjustment. In addition, the encapsulation means that there are no moving parts in the air flow that could become contaminated and impair the air quality.

Fire dampers can be integrated into building system controls such as the Wildeboer-Net or directly into an existing building management system. This allows the necessary, recurring functional tests to be automated and documented in a verifiable manner.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available for many Wildeboer fire dampers. We also attach particular importance to the hygiene requirements for our components. All Wildeboer fire dampers therefore have a hygiene certificate from an independent hygiene institute.

Wildeboer offers you a large selection of fire dampers:


Our portfolio includes high-performance round fire dampers:

Our portfolio of high-performance square fire dampers includes:

Our portfolio of high-performance fire dampers for suspended ceilings includes:

Fire dampers from Wildeboer

If you are faced with the challenge of equipping a building with suitable fire protection measures, we offer you further products such as fire protection valves, smoke extraction dampers, smoke protection dampers, smoke detectors and smoke release devices as well as products for DIN 18017-3.

If you have any questions about fire protection and smoke extraction, as well as air distribution, sound insulation and building systems technology, our experts will be happy to advise you.

You are welcome to test our Wildeboer product configurator, which helps you to configure the products individually according to your own requirements. Whether it's one of our products or our planning software - we look forward to hearing from you!