Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors can be used to monitor ventilation ducts, to control fire dampers, smoke dampers and fans and as part of the building management system or fire detection technology to detect smoke in ventilation ducts. The early detection of smoke in the ventilation duct allows the necessary control scenarios to be activated to prevent smoke from spreading to other fire compartments. When the smoke detector is triggered, the circuit to the connected devices is interrupted so that, for example, the fire dampers are closed. Smoke detectors such as the OR4 or the OR32 have an alarm and fault memory in the event of a power failure. In addition to VdS approval, smoke trigger devices also have DIBt approval.

Smoke detectors as the RL4 from Wildeboer are used to detect smoke in round and square ventilation ducts.  If they detect smoke, a predefined control scenario can be activated at an early stage. This can be, for example, the activation of associated fans or the forwarding of signals to a fire alarm system or a central building management system.  The Wildeboer RL4 basic and RL4 pro smoke detectors have VdS approval.