Technical details

  • for monitoring ventilation ducts in connection with a fire alarm system or the building management system
  • for the control of ventilators
  • without alarm and fault storage in case of power failure
  • VdS recognition G 221008

Product details

The RL4 basic and RL4 pro smoke detectors in accordance with DIN EN 54-27 are used for monitoring ventilation ducts, for controlling associated fans, as part of the building management system or the fire alarm system for detecting smoke in ventilation ducts. In this way, necessary control scenarios to prevent smoke transmission to other fire compartments are activated at an early stage. The cost-effective RL4 basic and the RL4 pro smoke detector for ventilation ducts, which is equipped with further convenient features, offer you the following advantages:

  • installation independent of position and direction of air flow
  • fast and tool-free access to the smoke switch for easy functional testing
  • installation with a small distance of only 1.5x hydraulic diameter to points of failure (in front and behind)
  • evaluation electronics encapsulated and constructively protected against contamination
  • universal power supply for 230V AC or 24V AC/DC with automatic recognition
  • cable glands with strain relief for up to seven connection lines
  • TEST/RESET directly at the device and externally via input of the BMS interface
  • protective screen to protect the smoke switch from coarse contamination

The advantages of the pro-Version:

  • LCD display with comfortable operation
  • galvanically isolated RS485 interface with BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU protocol
  • integrated flow monitoring
  • visualization of the contamination level via LED

Technical specifications

Short item description
  • OR4 smoke detector
  • RL4 smoke detector
Basic version
  • Basic
  • Pro

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

User manual RL4 Smoke Detector for ventilation ducts (2021-12)
Operating manual OR4 basic, RL4 basic (2024-05 / DE)
Operating manual OR4 pro, RL4 pro (2024-05 / DE)
VdS Approval OR4/RL4 Nr. G221008 (2021-03 / DE/EN)