Fire protection valves



Fire protection valves are used as automatic shut-off devices to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They are intended for installation in buildings with ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems). They are often also referred to as fire protection disk valves.

They are suitable for use as supply air valves and exhaust air valves.  The special design is suitable for high, continuously adjustable volume flows. Thanks to large free cross-sections, fire protection valves ensure low pressure losses and are quiet in operation due to low noise levels.

At temperatures >70 ┬░Celsius, the encapsulated thermal release device ensures that the fire damper disc valve closes securely by activating a spring force, thus preventing the transmission of fire and smoke.

The complete encapsulation of the drive unit and release element eliminates the need for function-maintaining cleaning, recurring lubrication and adjustment. This is complemented by a hygiene certificate from the independent Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr area) for the BV90 fire protection valve.

The BV90 fire protection valve, BV92 series, has a CE marking in accordance with DIN EN15650 and a general type approval.