Air distribution

New volume flow controller with multiple configuration options and wide range of possible applications

Two completely newly developed electronic volume flow controllers with well-rounded design are available immediately in the form of the VRup and the VRpro.
  • Versatile volume flow controller in basic and advanced version
  • Simple integration into different control systems
  • High flexibility for installation

The sensors, actuators, bus communication and casing insulation of the individual models can be configured in multiple ways, thus offering wide range of options customised equipping of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The new volume flow controllers are suitable for use within a volume flow range of 42 m³/h to 5430 m³/h and within a differential pressure range between 5 Pa and 1,000 Pa. The volume flow controllers are available in sizes ranging from DN 100 to DN 400 and are equipped as standard with a differential pressure sensor. They reach leak tightness class C (casing) as well as 3 or 4 (shut-off damper), according to DIN EN 1751.

The VRup is characterised by its compact actuator which can be integrated into various control systems using different communication interfaces. A standard speed actuator, a high-speed actuator for urgent reaction to various volume flow requirements, and a variant with emergency override function for actuating the damper in case of power failure are available for selection as the actuators of the advanced VRpro version. The basic settings, such as the operating modes (constant, variable or 3-stage) and volume flow parameters can be made quickly and easily using a setting device and PC software. On the Pro version you can choose between a dynamic or static sensor for volume flow measurement.

The new volume flow controllers are designed with MP bus capabilities for user-friendly integration into higher-level systems. That way they can be monitored and controlled using the Wildeboer-Net BS2 communication system. The VRup basic version is also available with an optional communication interface for LON, Modbus or KNX. 

In addition to the comprehensive functionalities, there is a particular focus on major flexibility for installation. Our various insulation variants, for instance, provide a suitable solution for any requirement profile. Thus a non-insulated version with a space-saving actuator installed near the duct casing can be used for confined spaces. The products are also available with acoustic insulation. In this case the actuator is positioned with spacing between it and the duct casing so that it is above the insulation and remains accessible. For on-site insulation, the actuator with spacing is also available without insulation. This way the volume flow controllers can be insulated properly within the scope of duct insulation without the actuator being affected.

The use of a separate actuator console and additional consoles for sensors and control components, which can be screwed to either side of the actuator console and are also flexible, allow various responses to a wide range of installation situations. It is also possible to install the consoles on the ventilation duct or an adjacent wall. Given that the sensor, control components or actuator are not screwed to the casing itself, it is characterised by short duct lengths, starting at 330 mm.