Office buildings

PON headquarters, Leusden (NL)

PON is one of the largest family-run companies in the Netherlands. It employs almost 13,000 people at over 250 branches in 23 countries. As an international trading and services company, it focuses on the sale of products from renowned manufacturers such as Audi, MAN, Porsche, VW, MAK, Linde, Caterpillar, Gazelle and Continental. This includes passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, bicycles, tyres, road construction and earthmoving equipment and products for shipping, offshore, transport and logistics. The range is complemented by the provision of additional services such as repairs, leasing, rental and financing.

Sustainability plays an important role at PON. Not only in the sale of the products offered, but also particularly in-house. Thus, the company only uses green electricity, i.e. the complete power supply is sustainable. This, of course, also includes optimal energy efficiency of the building. For this reason, the headquarters building was recently the subject of extensive renovation during ongoing operation. The conversion took place in two phases. Wolter & Dros of Amersfoort carried out the mechanical installations. In the first phase of construction, the installations on the first floor of the building were modified. Once these new offices were completed, renovation of the ground floor began.

PON, Leusden (NL)

HVAC Consultant:    
Raadgevend technisch bureau Verwey, Herveld

Wolter & Dros (TBI techniek), Amersfoort

Maintenance-free FK90 and FR90 fire dampers of the 92 series were used in this building project. Due to the large free cross-section of these dampers, maximum volume flow rates are achieved with minimal pressure loss. This in turn supports the characteristic concept of sustainability in the company.

In the field of air distribution, DF swirl diffusers were used. Radial air distribution takes place via conical diffusers in square and circular front plates with radial guide vanes as the air control element. This principle results in high induction with room air and ensures optimum air distribution. DF swirl diffusers are suitable for both supply air and exhaust air.