• Simple and effective: ventilating, cooling and heating with a single unit
  • Best air quality
  • Cosy indoor climate
  • CO2 sensor control


When operating with displacement air flow, the supply air enters into the room over the entire width of the unit thanks to an open reversing flap. The supply air, with a low flow impulse and minimum negative temperature difference, is distributed with low turbulence and over a large area across the whole room at floor level, and forms a sea of fresh air. When it meets heat sources, such as people, the air finally rises and thus provides the ideal air quality.



Product Info

The WiVent-B decentralised facade ventilation unit can be integrated horizontally underneath the glazed facade in a space saving manner, replacing the radiators in the process. Given that the supply and exhaust air openings are positioned at the front of the unit, the top can be fitted with a window sill. More than one of the compact and robust units can be combined to form a ventilation belt, thus saving space. Alongside mechanical ventilation, they also facilitate hybrid ventilation mode.

For everything and everyone: the WiVent-B ventilation unit is available with fronts in various colours, meaning they can easily be adapted to every room concept. The system provides architects, for example, with a great deal of freedom for integrating the WiVent-B inconspicuously into their ideas and drafts in the best possible way. Outside and in.

  • The low-turbulence displacement air flow guarantees ventilation with increased effectiveness whilst adhering to all comfort parameters.
  • The ventilation of separate rooms prevents exhaust air from being transferred from one room to the supply air of another room - no circulation air.
  • The highly efficient heat reclamation transfers the heat from the exhaust air to the supply air. The warmth thus stays in the room.
  • The windows of the room can still be used. Window contacts switch off the ventilation units when the window is open. Window ventilation remains possible.


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Operating manual WiVent-B (2021-03) (DE)
User manual WiVent-B  (2021-03) (DE)
User manual software (2021-03) (DE)
Hygiene certificate (2021-08) (ENG)

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