Technical details

  • suitable for ventilation systems
  • Hygiene certificate


Hygiene certificate

Product details

SB splitters are special components for use in sound attenuators or air ducts that are used to reduce air-regenerated noise in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They are designed to effectively attenuate the sound generated by the flowing air. SB splitters are designed as combined absorption and resonance sound attenuator splitters.

Wildeboer sound attenuators: Functionality and design

The splitters have a two-chamber design and are suitable for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems.  An outstanding feature of their design is their high static load capacity. This level of stability is achieved by the circumferential profile frame, which is made of resistant galvanized sheet steel in combination with a continuous stabilizing and chamber separating profile. The chamber separator profile also contributes to the strength of the baffle and serves to separate the chambers.

The surfaces of the absorption material used consist of non-rotting, biosoluble mineral wool. These are covered with tear-resistant, abrasion-proof and moisture-repellent glass silk (glass filament fabric) and galvanized sheet steel. The absorption materials are hydrophobic, which makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate.

The broadband sound attenuation has an optimum in the critical frequency range of 250 Hz. This means that a wide range of noises can be reduced across a broad spectrum of frequencies. This sound attenuation is guaranteed with the shortest possible overall length so that the sound attenuator splitters can be designed to be as compact as possible.

SB splitters are available in a wide range of sizes, they are stackable and have a certificate of conformity, a general building authority test certificate to prove non-combustibility (ÜZ DIN 4102 A2) and are provided with a hygiene certificate.

Technical specifications

Not all of the variant values listed here can be combined with each other. Use our Wildeboer configurator to easily check the possible combinations.

Thickness of splitters
  • 100 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 1000 mm
  • 1250 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • 1750 mm
  • 2000 mm
  • 2250 mm
  • 2500 mm
  • 2750 mm
  • 3000 mm
Duct height
  • from 150 to 5390 mm in 1 mm increments
Perforated sheet metal cover
  • Without perforated sheet metal covering
  • With perforated sheet metal covering

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

User manual SB Splitters & SKB Sound Attenuators (2016-09)
Hygiene advices SB Splitters & SKB Sound Attenuators (2021-11 / DE)
Hygiene certificate SB Splitters & SKB Sound Attenuators (2008-12 / DE)
AbP SB splitters P-3578/1149-MPA BS (2021-09 / DE)
Certificate of compliance SB Splitters (2019-10 / DE)