Office buildings

Our reference: ADAC headquarters in Munich

7 million members belong to ADAC. This makes the Munich-based automobile club the second largest of its kind in the world. 6,800 employees in Germany and abroad work for the club, which was founded in 1903. About one third of the employees will move to the new ADAC headquarters at the end of the year. Until now, they have been spread across six locations within Munich. The 18-story office tower, which is visible from afar, rises from a five-story base to a total height of 92 meters. In 2004, the decision was made in favor of the colorful design by the Berlin architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton. Three years later, the preliminary planning was completed so that work could begin on the construction project, which cost around 300 million euros.

Sauerbruch Hutton GmbH, Berlin

General Contractor:
Ed.Züblin AG, Stuttgart

YIT Germany GmbH, Deggendorf

Various products from the areas of fire protection and air distribution from Wildeboer are used here. These include swirl diffusers in combination with plenum boxes, EK90 smoke extraction dampers and BV90 fire protection valves. Furthermore, fire dampers of type FK90, FR90 and FK90K, each in the 92 series, mostly in motorized design. Different installation and thus time-optimizing installation frames ensure trouble-free installation.

Particularly noteworthy are the installation frames for sliding ceiling connections, which are available throughout for the fire dampers mentioned. Fixing the damper to the ceiling causes it to move down together with the storey ceiling and the ventilation ducts. The frame moves together with the fire damper in the metal stud wall clad on both sides.

For the first time, a new variant of the OR31 smoke release device is used in this building project. The new smoke detector can be installed directly under ceilings without spacing in conjunction with an angular FK90 fire damper in the version for overflow openings. In this case, only the smoke detector remains in the fire damper to save space. The control device is connected separately and placed independently.

A combination of the new smoke detector with the round FR90 fire damper is also possible. Optionally, the system can be upgraded with an operating panel for manual release.