Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

With the equipment of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg with innovative and high-quality fire protection, sound insulation and air distribution solutions, Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH has successfully completed one of the most prestigious orders in the company's history. The ventilation systems of the concert hall and the hotel and residential areas were largely equipped with the fire protection and smoke extraction dampers, as well as additionally with a large number of volume flow controllers and other components from the manufacturer. The tipping point in favor of the maintenance-free shut-off devices from the Weener-based company was, among other things, their versatile installation options in the lightweight partition walls as well as in the ceilings of the structure. At the same time, those involved in the project relied on the products' tried-and-tested, reliable fire protection solutions in the implementation of the extremely complex construction project. The manufacturer's sophisticated logistics made it possible to deliver the products to the construction site at short notice, thus ensuring that the project ran smoothly.

Herzog & de Meuren, Basel (CH)

Elbphilharmonie Bau KG

City of Hamburg

Pictures:, Maxim Schulz, Thies Raetzke, Michael Zapf

Hamburg's new cultural landmark at the western tip of HafenCity captivates through the interplay of the former Kaispeicher A warehouse and the new glass building erected on top of it, whose curved roofscape rises up to 110 meters into the sky. A total gross area of around 125,000 m2 houses three concert halls, a hotel with 250 rooms and 45 exclusive condominiums. The Plaza, a publicly accessible viewing platform located between the Kaispeicher and the glass superstructure, offers an impressive view of the city and harbor.

This central meeting place of the complex designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron can be reached via an 82-meter-long, arched escalator. In addition, the concert hall can be accessed via elevators and a total of eleven staircases. A smoke protection pressure system ensures that the escape routes are reliably kept free of smoke in the event of a fire. An important component here are the more than 200 EK90 smoke extraction dampers from the manufacturer in Weener.

Undisturbed musical enjoyment with maximum fire safety is also ensured by over 1,000 fire dampers of type FK90 or FR90, both series 92. The round and square shut-off devices were used, among other things, in metal stud walls with sliding ceiling connections. For this purpose, the manufacturer supplied the products with factory-preassembled calcium silicate installation frames that can be quickly and easily mounted directly below the ceiling. In the process, the frames are fastened in such a way that they move up and down together with the solid ceiling above them when the ceiling drops by up to 40 mm.

Special fire protection solutions were also required in the hotel and residential areas of the Elbphilharmonie. Here, the room height required by the architects could only be realized with very flat suspended ceilings. This necessitated shut-off devices with particularly low construction heights. Accordingly, those responsible used a large number of Type FK90K, Series 92 fire dampers in the false ceilings. This extremely compact model with a housing made of calcium silicate was specially developed for confined installation conditions and can be attached directly to adjacent walls or ceilings. The minimum dimension required between ceilings is just 145 mm.