Hotel Scandic in Berlin

563 rooms, 20 conference rooms, a restaurant, bar and ballroom – distributed over 30,000 m². This describes the new Scandic Hotel in Berlin. The Norwegian operator’s big new hotel fills one of the last remaining gaps at the Potsdamer Platz. Scandic thus sends out a clear signal regarding its growth strategy for the German market. Both business people and tourists are the target customers of what the operator describes as “the biggest hotel in the heart of Berlin”.

Environmental protection is a top priority at Scandic. It is proud to be the first German hotel to have received both the “Euro Flower” and the silver medal for sustainable building. The first award refers to the official eco-label of the European Union while the silver medal is awarded by the German Sustainable Building Council.

Architekten Reichel +Stauth, Braunschweig

Schaumann Properties AS, Kopenhagen

HVAC Consultant:    
Ing.-Gesellschaft Ridder und Meyn mbH, Berlin

Cofely Deutschland GmbH, Niederlassung Berlin


Products made by Wildeboer support this project. The large free cross-sections of the FK90, FR90 and FK90K fire dampers, of the 92 series in each case, ensure maximum volume flow at minimum pressure loss and thus contribute to the optimal operation of the ventilation and air conditioning system.

A new feature is the deployment of the tried and tested, circular  FR90 fire damper, series FR92, in air transfer applications. As is already the case with the square FK90 fire damper these dampers - with a protective grille on each side - can also be used for air transfer applications. The fire damper must be used in conjunction with a smoke detector and electrical actuator.

With the new  OR31 smoke detector, OR32 series, the Ü-FK and Ü-FR fire dampers for air transfer applications can now be mounted directly under the ceiling. In this case, to save space only the smoke detector is installed in the fire damper. The control device is located separately.

The FR90F fire damper used at the Scandic Hotel is also suitable for air transfer applications. Moreover, this fire damper can be deployed using protective grilles on both sides as closures for overflow apertures. A smoke detector is not required for this product.

In addition to the fire dampers mentioned above, numerous BV90 fire protection valves, EK90 smoke dampers, JK multileaf dampers with motor and DXQ0 swirl diffusers were installed in the building project, which cost a total of 110 million euros.