Office buildings

PostFinance headquarters, Bern (CH)

PostFinance is an independent business of Swiss Post in the financial services sector. The number of staff employed by the company has more than doubled in the past ten years. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the capacity of the current headquarters in Bern is fully utilised, the company by now is spread over five different locations in the city.

This is set to change with the PostFinance headquarters currently under construction. The 55 metres high tower building is being erected in close proximity to the PostFinance Arena, the ice hockey stadium of SC Bern. The Arena already provides 450 jobs. This new construction will increase that number to 1,320. The new building has a gross floor area of 15,000 square metres spread over 13 floors. This will make the skyscraper one of the tallest buildings in Bern. The CHF 100 million (approx. EUR 83 million) project is scheduled for completion in April 2013.

Die Schweizerische Post/PostFinance

General Contractor:    
HRS Real Estate AG, Bern

HVAC Consultant:    
Roschi + Partner AG, Köniz

Stoffel Klima AG, Bern

Flickr/twicepix, Die Schweizerische Post

Maintenance-free fire dampers from Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH contribute to the safety of the air conditioning and ventilation systems. Models FK90, FR90 and FK90K, series 92, were used here. A wide variety of installation applications had to be considered. Due to their tremendous versatility, the mentioned fire dampers easily met the requirements. These fire dampers undergo extensive testing in accordance with European standard EN 1366-2 and bear the CE mark.  Furthermore, the fire dampers are approved by the Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies (VKF).

All fire dampers used are equipped with electrical, maintenance-free spring return actuators. Functional tests of motorised fire dampers can be performed at all times by means of remote-controlled activation. As a result, operating costs are permanently reduced. In addition to the fire dampers referred to above, numerous EK90 smoke dampers, mechanical-type volume flow controllers, sound attenuators and DF swirl diffusers were installed.

Our Swiss partner LaminAir AG of Burgdorf was responsible for the supply and installation of Wildeboer products to the PostFinance headquarters construction project in Bern.