Fire protection and smoke extraction

Fire protection measures serve to protect life and health. The protection objectives on which the planning and realisation of buildings are based are defined in § 14 (Fire Protection) of the German Model Building Code (MBO). For this purpose, Wildeboer develops products that aid air distribution within a building with respect to fire protection. Fire dampers or fire protection valves act as automatic shut-off devices in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

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In potentially explosive areas, such as power plants, gas suppliers and sewage aeration and ventilation systems, fire dampers are subject to special rules and regulations. On the basis of performed fire protection tests and assessments (EN 1366-2), fire dampers and fire protection valves are classified in accordance with EN 13501-3. Implementation in the various federal states also requires compliance with the Design Guidelines for Ventilation Systems (M-LüAR), which were introduced under the provisions of the Federal Building Code. All products offered by Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH are regulation-compliant.

Fire dampers

Smoke extraction & Smoke protection

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