BV90 Fire Protection Valve,
series BV92

  • suitable for supply air as well as exhaust air
  • CE marking
  • approval Z-41.8-697 for installation in independently fire resistant suspended ceilings
  • Sizes from DN100 up to DN200



  • overall length reduced by 40 mm
  • improved performance and acoustics
  • improved design of the valve disk with new seal
  • omission of the throttle disc
  • eco-friendly packaging

Product information

BV90 fire protection valves, series BV92, are tested according to EN 1366-2 and meet the latest state of the art. They are marked with the CE - sign according to DIN EN 15650. With the present certificate MPA-BS 6000/593/18 for the fire behaviour of the building materials used, they also fulfil the application specifications of MVV TB and MLüAR. 

BV90 fire protection valves are suitable for both supply air and exhaust air.  They can be installed in solid walls and ceilings, in lightweight partition walls, in shaft walls and in fire-resistant false ceilings. They can be installed as dry or wet installation. The installation position and direction of air flow are optional.

The BV90 fire protection valves can be installed in independently fire-resistant false ceilings made of all common building materials, including metal ceilings, and are permitted according to the general type approval Z-41.8-697.

BV90 fire protection valves are available for the size range DN100 to DN200.

The special design is suitable for high, infinitely variable volume flows. Valve plate and installation housing are made of steel and powder coated in RAL 9010 (white). The thermal release device 70°C is made of stainless steel.

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BV90 fire protection valve, series BV91

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