JR Smoke Protection Damper

  • installation independent from airflow direction
  • approval Z-78.4-40
  • conforms to the fire protection requirements of the LüAR (German ventilating machinery guideline)

Product Info

JR smoke protection dampers are used to prevent the transfer of smoke in ventilation ducts. The U-shaped frame which includes connection flanges has a length of 180 mm. The sealing blades, which are made of metal, are controlled via a linkage located outside of the air flow. The JR smoke protection damper is made of galvanized steel and the blade bearing is made of brass.

The electrical actuator with optional 230V AC or 24V DC operation has a spring return and limit switches to signal the OPEN and CLOSED damper positions. The smoke protection damper must be used in conjunction with a suitable smoke detector with General Building Approval.

JR smoke protection dampers are available in sizes from 200 mm x 180 mm to 2000 mm x 1995 mm (W x H).

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