Building Control System

The control of ventilation and air conditioning systems must comply with the provisions for the respective separate fire protection areas as specified in data sheet VdS 2298 and be implemented such that the fire dampers are specifically triggered where required in the event of fire. We recommend that all fire dampers in the walls and ceilings of separate fire protection areas can be remotely closed where required in the event of fire. This enables the immediate and automatic deactivation of any ventilation system operating in an area affected by fire.

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Wildeboer also offers the BS2 communication system, Wildeboer-Net for fire dampers, which is the ideal solution for clients wishing to network their fire protection systems and minimise installation and testing requirements. The clear, modular structure makes for easy installation, thanks to the plug-in components for connection to 230 V Motor modules provide the connected fire dampers with 24 V DC operating voltage, thus excluding the risk of problems with voltage drop along the line. All the modules are addressed automatically during commissioning. This plug-and-play solution facilitates planning and the co-ordination of contractors. Wildeboer-Net is a plug-and-play enabled communication system for electronic control units and controllers. Galvanically isolated sub-networks are structured using subnet controllers within the Wildeboer-Net system. In the sub-networks, the field modules communicate with each other via galvanically isolated CAN bus interfaces and all connected field modules are read, detected and addressed automatically.

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